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"Windows 11: Release Date, Requirements, All We Know" [Article + more]


With the launch upon us, here is some info on the upcoming Windows 11!

Do you have plans to update soon after launch?
Waiting for a few updates first? Comment below :)

  • Tom's Hardware Win 11 write-up::

    Key Takeaways:
  • Release Date: October 5th
  • Free Upgrade
  • Tiered rollout of updates for Win 10 Machines (possibly able to force update via ISO)
  • Black Screen of Death instead of Blue
  • Dynamic Refresh Rate compatibility
  • Auto HDR
  • DirectStorage (Xbox feature) helps load times
  • Eventual Android App support

-System Spec Requirements:
  • CPU: 1-GHz or faster with 2 or more cores on a 64-bit processor.
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 64GB of storage
  • UEFI BIOS with Secure Boot
  • TPM 2.0
  • 9-inch or larger screen with 720p resolution
  • Internet connectivity and an MS account. No offline installs.
  • GPU compatible with DirectX 12

Linus Tech Tip Video (Aug 25, 2021):


I did go ahead and try out a beta build for Windows 11 over the weekend

I had a lot of fun with it, especially with how snappy the alt-tabbing was (so fluid!)

Unfortunately, I did start to experience several blue screens with different error codes.
It would seem stable again and then bam, another random code, or one I had seen before, but not consistently the same.

I ended up reverting to w10, on which I still continued to have issues.
After repairing the OS, running sfc /scannow and other tests showing nothing was wrong, I decided to pull 16 gb of my ram (2x 16gb kits for 32gb total normally)
It seemed to fix the problem and bring stability, so at some point 16 gb of my ram may have gotten fried, getting it RMA'd with Corsair this week.

Even on Windows 10 with my "good" 16gb in, there were severe issues with windows explorer.
I couldn't open settings or anything to try to fix it, but everything else worked (games, benchmarks, browsing)

After a few more weird errors and not being able to shut down any way besides the physical power button, I grabbed a USB and reinstalled w10, where I happily will stay for the time being.

W11 has a lot going on for itself, but it needs some work.
Don't risk your hardware to beta test :D

(my precious 3080 ti is safe and sound, no worries!)