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Cyberpunk 2077


PCTechAdvice.COM Admin
Staff member
54 hours in...

Definitely enjoying the heck out of this game. I think a lot of people pass it off as oh it's "buggy" or "meh" but I've thoroughly been enjoying the effects and subtle nuances in the game.

When it's raining, the drops randomly cascade on the windshield. You can see the dust on the dashboard and rust spots on the hood. Scratches on the car actually dent in and affect water as well.

The game does have some glaring bugs and obvious misses, my biggest gripe is, WHERE THE EFF IS THE FLASHLIGHT? Some levels are really dark, and yeah I can boost my gamma but uhh, then it's too bright elsewhere? A simple flashlight or eye mod would've fixed this.

The story is engaging and besides little bugs here and there, I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

How are others liking it?