Gigabyte HD 5870 Super Overclock Review

by LLRRoD on June 14th, 2010

HardOCP just published a review of the Gigabyte HD 5870 Super Overclock Edition. It’s a good read if you’re looking for a new graphics card, or just want to know what the latest badass video card is on the market.

Here is a snippet:
GIGABYTE’s famous 2oz Copper PCB is in play here, as we are used to seeing on their motherboard line. GIGABYTE uses the best cherry picked Samsung and Hynix memory chips, remember the memory is also overclocked so this is important. Solid capacitors are used as well as Ferrite core chokes and Low RDS MOSFETs. All of these high-end components also mean that typical buzz sounds heard from lower-end components on some video cards should not be a problem here, there should be no buzzing parts here as all the components are of the highest quality.

Click Here for the entire review!

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